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Friday Night Quick Hits

The NCAA is at it again. A month or so ago Pete Carroll approached Karl Dorrell about going back to each team wearing its home uniforms for their annual game. Well we have our answer.

From the Daily Times of Maryville, TN.

...Something that pains me even worse is discovering the lengths to which college football will go to remain runner up, rather than move ahead of the play-for-pay boys when it comes to winning public favor.

It's amazing. Here's the latest episode. I mentioned in this space a few weeks ago that UCLA and Southern California had requested NCAA permission to wear their regular home jerseys when they meet late this fall.

UCLA would be decked out in blue, while Southern California would take the field in its easily-recognized cardinal jerseys. A match of two tradition-rich schools wearing their proud colors in a classic autumn setting...

 The NCAA sits on a gold mine and it's more concerned about outdated rules than making the games even more interesting.  Interest in CFB is at an all time high. With satellite TV, pay per view packages and even Internet based TV. Fans from all over the country or even overseas, with proper Internet hook-up, can watch their favorite team.  When coaches from rival teams understand what the fans want and try to jazz up the rivalry even more they need to take notice. Sadly the NCAA just doesn't get it.

Do you know me? I run the NCAA.

A couple of days ago CFR and BON had an interesting give and take on preseason rankings. Today CFR points out that CFN is "taking a stab" at trying it CFR's way. It's an interesting read. Once again USC and Texas are #1 and #2 respectively. One thing that I see with this is that there is no Notre Dame in the top 10. With all the hype that is already taking place at the 4-letter network over what Charlie Weis will with ND this year I'm surprised that they didn't finish higher in this new way looking at preseason rankings. Interesting indeed.

Navy QB Lamar Owens was acquitted yesterday of rape charges at his General Courts Martial at the Washington Navy Yard. The senior Midshipman was found guilty of conduct unbecoming and disobeying a lawful order. But the military jury recommended no punishment on the lesser charges today.  Because of the charges he was not allowed to graduate or be commissioned as a Surface Warfare Officer in the fleet.

Knowing a little bit about the military justice system, the conduct unbecoming conviction is a career killer by itself. It is still unclear if the Navy will commission him as a naval officer or dismiss him from the service. I'm leaning towards dismissal. This unfortunate incident showed some unsavory goings-on at Annapolis and the Navy doesn't like that sort of attention drawn toward itself.  Look for his accuser to leave Annapolis as well, her naval career could be marred by an accusation that made the navy look bad. Unfortunately the Navy is still an old boys club, anyone remember Tail Hook?

The Naval Academy is all about character. You don't just walk up and apply; a congressional appointment is one of the requirements in order to be accepted. Thankfully, this sad chapter at Annapolis is over. Sadly, two lives have now been scarred because of this unfortunate situation.

Sorry, your ship has sailed without you.

Finally, with only 40, or so, days left until the start of College Football Season I leave you this video. It's the only thing that will provide me any solace from that little game back in January.  Enjoy!