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A Wednesday Night Around the Bolgosphere

Well, after a busy night in surgery last night, hence no posting, it's back to the grind. It's hump day and we're on the down hill slope towards the weekend. Just a quick post, nothing special.

*    The Guest posters EDSBS continue their dual duties with a funny post about their Rooting for Anarchy. There a just too many funny commenters over there, I would rather watch than participate so as not to mess up the rhythm.

*    The M Zone thinks they can do a better job than Jenn Sterger with their new "Ask Yost" commentary. When Yost gets his national call in show only then will I consider participating.

*    Via PWD and the Gerogia Sports Blog is a link to Cool Hand Mikes Blog and his take on Arkansas for this upcoming season. Not a long post but very informative.

*    The Ciskie Blog has its break down of the ACC Atlantic Division for 2006.

*    New SBN blogger Tomahawk Nation has his thoughts on FSU's up coming 7 on 7 drills.

That's it for a Wednesday. How many days till the start of College Football Season.? Are we there yet Dad?!?!