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Monday Night Quick Hits

As I continue to feel my way around my new home at SB Nation I thought I'd look around the blogoshere for some new and interesting content.

First off SB Nation's family continues to grow with the addition of the new Florida State Seminole Blog Tomahawk Nation. Now the Florida schools can slug it out in similar fashion to USC-UCLA and Michigan-Ohio State. Welcome Corey!!

Speaking of UCLA, Bruins Nation has welcomed me into the fold here at SB Nation with a very thoughtful piece. This means a lot to me. BN has proven itself to be one of the most informative and passionate bloggers around. I will have my work cut out for me as the season progresses and we get closer to the battle of Los Angeles. I look forward to many interesting give and takes with Nestor, Menelaus and Ajax. Their passion for all things UCLA is formidable. Thanks Guys!

EDSBS has some guest posters this week as Orson heads of for vacation. Peter Bean has a post on the recent death of Hooters founder Robert Brooks. SMQ has a post on the ongoing repercussions stemming from the current Auburn situation. That one is going to be messy.  And PWD connects the dots between Yoga, Chiropractors and Pro Wrestlers. I'm not sure if I want to know.  This will be an interesting week for the guest hosts. Juggling posts between their respective blogs and EDSBS will be fun to watch. Good Luck Guys!

Finally, I am honored and humbled by Kyle's latest post on Dawg Sports. Kyle has been a true inspiration to me in my short blogging journey. His even-tempered style and tireless research is one of the points that I try to shoot for. His passion and knowledge of the SEC has taught me a great deal about college football, primarily that there is life outside of USC. His faith in me, along with others, has given me a great opportunity to express my views in this medium. Thanks Kyle, you are a true Gentleman.

That should cover you for a Monday evening. We'll see you tomorrow!