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A Wednesday night walk around the blogosphere.

Just a few tidbits for a Wednesday night.

Bruins Nation has an interview with the LA Daily News' Brian Dohn. It's a good read. He seems to want to give Karl Dorrell a little more time in his building of the UCLA football program. That might not be welcome news to the BN faithful but I do like his honesty.  

Unfortunately, I do take some issue with his position on blogs in general. Blogs are here to stay, be it sports or politics. I disagree with his stance that blogs are "another way of writing rumors". In my short time blogging I have seen it more as way to voice your opinion. In some instances that opinion maybe out in left field, but that's the beauty of having your own site you can say whatever you want.  This was a good get by Nestor.

The Georgia Sports Blog continues their series on "Dawgs Abroad". This is a cool thing. This is a great morale boost for our troops abroad. Great Job PWD!!

The guys at EDSBS have a great post on Sandwiches for your team.  As usual Orson and Stranko tee it up and the readers run with it. Truly funny stuff.

The new blog Fire Mark May continues to impress with a funny take on

Nico over at Roll Bama Roll has a funny video with some Alabama coaches doing Karaoke. It's nice to see people who are able to laugh at themselves.

Update [2006-7-15 21:43:16 by Paragon SC]: Nico from Roll Bama Roll has informed me that the video from YouTube was taken down so he eliminated the post. Thanks Nico.