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So what's the story with Mayo?

Is he coming or not? And do we really want him?

From Scott Wolf's Column in the Daily News

The stature of USC basketball could take a major leap forward this week, because guard O.J. Mayo, the nation's No. 1-ranked player, is expected to commit to the Trojans, according to sources.

Mayo told several USC players and recruits last week he would officially commit to the Trojans during this weekend's ABCD basketball camp in Teaneck, N.J.

And it could be a package deal, because Mayo, who lives in Cincinnati, wants to bring high school teammate, Bill Walker, the No. 2 player in the nation by, and center Aaron Pogue of Dayton, Ohio.

Mayo's commitment would shake up college basketball and give USC a national image in a sport usually overshadowed by football.

OK, so by Wolf's piece it looks like it's a done deal. Then there was this nifty little piece on So what's the story on Walker? If Mayo can't make the move without him then whats the point? (HT: BN). Anyway, it looks like the party may have got started a little early. As I said earlier, I won't be satisfied until his signature is on the paper. Then yesterday there was this story on Here's a part of it: (Again HT to BN)

On the home front, Mayo is supposed to be under the full-time care of his summer coach Dwaine Barnes, a longtime family friend whom Mayo has often called "my grandfather." Barnes applied to be Mayo's legal guardian before Mayo transferred to North College Hill three years ago (Mayo's mother lives in West Virginia). Yet Mayo confirmed to me last week that Barnes has actually been living for some time in West Virginia, not in Ohio.

Think about that for a moment. Here's an 18-year-old athletic prodigy, a national celebrity who is constantly scrutinized and blandished with temptations, and he lives by himself in the middle of Ohio? With so little guidance from trustworthy adults, its no wonder Mayo is making increasingly bad decisions. He was suspended three times by his high school this past year alone, the last one coming in April following an altercation with a female student.

The rest of this article reads like a nightmare.  And if he comes he will probably only stay for one year, who knows what damage he could leave in his wake. That price is way too high for me. I know my position will an unpopular one, but it is the right call by not bringing him in.

This one is easy.  I don't care how good this kid is; he has radioactive written all over him.  With all that has gone on with the football team of late you would think SC would want to steer clear of this potential nightmare.  I mean this a low yield nuclear weapon waiting to go off.  I know it's important to build a decent hoops program with UCLA coming back to life but this isn't the way.

It isn't always about talent. We need players who will represent the school in a positive manner I don't care how high he will go in the draft. Getting this kid with all his "potential" baggage is a giant step back.