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Welcome to Conquest Chronicles

How the Heck did this happen?

I don't know where to start. One day I'm tooling around on my other blog Cardinal and Gold and the next thing I know I am a part of SB Nation. WOW!

I need to thank some people for helping me get here.  As before, Peter from Burnt Orange Nation and Kyle from Dawg Sports. They are a true inspiration. Their faith in me as a blogger and their endorsement means a lot.  I can't thank them enough.

I also need to thank Nestor over at Bruins Nation for his endorsement. As we all know Nestor is passionate about UCLA and his work is tireless. I'm sure our two sites will have many interesting give and takes as we get near the big game. I look forward to it.

Last but not least there's Tyler at SBN. His patience and education on the platform was a great experience.

The same rules apply here as they did on Cardinal and Gold. So lets have some fun!


The Battle's on Dec. 2nd