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Some Light Reading

Since Paragon is on the road to Charm City today for work purposes, here's some light reading to get you through the afternoon.

That was abrupt: Turns out that Lo-Jack is coming back for one more year after all. The article in the Daily News also notes that Dwayne Jarrett was named to the Walter Camp All-American Team, making him the first USC WR to be selected twice; he was also selected to the Sports Illustrated All-American team. Steve Smith was also chosen as a CBS Sportsline All-American first team WR.

Looking to the Future: The LA Times has a puff piece on Jordan Campbell, a linebacker at Norco High School. USC has recruited him to play fullback, but Campbell hopes to move to strong safety. It's noted in the article that he's compared by some to Troy Polamalu; no photographic evidence of outstanding hair is provided.

Offensive Gurus Past: Another article in the LA Times about Norm Chow and the links being suggested to the open positions at NC State, Stanford, and Arizona State. If I were Chow, I would tell Stanford to drop dead, pausing only to buy new couches for the locker room. Hopefully Chow will be too engaged by the growing success in getting Vince Young to work over other NFL teams. Incidentally, the article also makes mention of UCLA's DeWayne Walker being considered for open positions, to which I can only say, I'll happily contribute to the bonus pool established by any non-Pac-10 team willing to hire him.

BCS, BCS, BCS: Stewart Mandel has more to say about the BCS, surely the most effective public works program ever established in the area of sports punditry. Oh yeah, Austin Murphy has a recap on some game in Pasadena from last week, if you're into that sort of thing.

Ch-ch-changes: Miami promotes Shannon to the Head Coach position. 'Bama is trying hard to hire Rodriguez. Hey Jenny Slater provides compelling photographic evidence of why it might be worth risking your health and sanity to coach in Tuscaloosa, and notes that SI's Cheerleader of the Week Curse just made UCLA a lock to win the Emerald Bowl.

At least he won something: Brady Quinn won the Maxwell Award, which is fair enough considering he seemed to be the only ND player who played a full game on offense against SC. Troy Smith had to make do with the Davey O'Brien award and the player of the year award from the Walter Camp Foundation. Perhaps Smith will be able to console himself with the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night.

Update [2006-12-8 15:55:56 by DC Trojan]:Hot off the wires: Rodriguez is staying in Morgantown. I guess the Houndstooth Hotties just weren't enough.