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The Sky is not Falling

Every once and a while you come across something that makes you stop and think about how great we have it when it comes to USC football. I am constantly amazed at the clarity that some have when it comes to emotional situations.

I don't normally troll message boards but every once in a while you find a real nugget of information that makes it all clear.

The guy who wrote this is dead on.

Folks, obviously we haven't seen many losses in recent years, but in watching Coach Carroll's post game comments on the field as well as the various shots of him on the sidelines, I saw something we're just not used to seeing, even in defeat. You could see it in his eyes when he said, "I'm real disappointed our offense couldn't get anything going." It was more than disappointment. He held it back as best he could, but there was anger and frustration behind his words, and he congratulated Coach Dorrell almost as an afterthought.

Do any of us know the coaching staff well enough to really understand what needs to be changed? Be honest. Yes, I admit the playcalling seems downright predictable at times -- I'm tired of seeing lateral on 1st down, run up the middle on second down, incomplete pass on 3rd down as much as the rest of you -- but before we all collectively lynch Kiffin, wasn't it our understanding that Sarkisian was supposed to have the ability to override the play calls?

You have to read the rest of  the thread but it really tells the story. It also shows me that Pete Carroll knows what's up and will address it.

Wolf had an interesting take as well:

USC coach Pete Carroll was so upset about losing to UCLA on Saturday night, he drove straight to his office and watched the film.

Any of these games we've lost, they stay with me forever, Carroll said. He was looking for answers and didn't have many Sunday.

I don t think we were as crisp as we've been at the line of scrimmage, getting off the mark on offense, getting movement, Carroll said. I m still not sure why. They re not a big, physical group. They re quickness was really effective.

These are kids who played their hearts out all year and when they had their backs to the wall the stepped up in toughest part of the schedule and found a way to win until the last game. He will have the team ready to play Michigan and then worry about changes that need to be made.

One other thing that is on my mind as I look back on this game. I've given the Bruins their props for winning and having a stellar game plan. They won we lost and that's that. But in the bigger picture did anyone honestly think that SC would win forever. This loss hurts because of what was on the line; a berth in the BCS title game. But outside of that, at some point, UCLA was going to win one and break the streak. Put another way, they could only go one way...UP!. There is no Pac 10 Title or BCS Title Game on the horizon for Bruin football. I realize that our friends in Westwood will point to basketball in the same way but this isn't about basketball. You won't find me ranting and raving about the signing of OJ Mayo as the second coming.

Karl Dorrell had his staff put together a great game plan for this one game, but one win against the cross-town rival after you have your clock cleaned on a regular basis does not a career make. This one win for the Bruins win will do wonders for the rivalry as a whole but lets not get carried away. Bruin fans are ecstatic as they should be over this win but they still have a coaching problem and I do not think that this one win will all of a sudden make Karl Dorrell the equivalent Joe Gibbs or Bill Walsh. They love him today but they will hate him again next year. If I were them I would not throw those "Dump Dorrell" T-shirts away just yet.