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News and Notes

With a little under a month before the Rose Bowl we are going to mix things up over the next few weeks.

We will of course have a complete preview of the game against Michigan as we hope to have roundtables with the great Michigan Blogs MGoBlog and The M Zone.

We will start to look at USC Basketball and where they are heading following the tragic death of Ryan Francis in the off-season and the signing for HS phenom OJ Mayo who will join the team next year.

We will continue our analysis of the just concluded football season. As the shock of Saturdays loss to UCLA starts to wane I think its time for some tough love in regards to some of the deficiencies that were exposed during the course of the season. We hope to look at all the good, the bad and the ugly. We will leave no stone unturned.

We will also start to look at some of the recruiting prospects, both committed and uncommitted, that the football program has it`s sights on. This weekends loss doesn't make things easier in regards to recruiting but who would you pick in the recruiting battle of LA? Pete Carroll or Karl Dorrell...I thought so!

So we move forward and focus on the future. It has been a great season, better than most expected, and we move on to the "Post Season".