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Merry Christmas!

To ALL of our readers we wish you a Merry Christmas and wish everyone a safe trip in their travels.

It has been a great year personally and professionally!


The birth of our Daughter Emma in May is one of the most wonderful things that we have experienced. She has given us great joy and we look forward to all that lies ahead in raising her.


After 16 years with the same company I decided to change jobs and it was huge a weight off my shoulders. I couldn't be happier in my decision!

Of course launching Conquest Chronicles, and its precursor Cardinal and Gold, has been a real treat. I have had the opportunity to interact with some great writers and great people since I have started. I must thank my co-writers DC Trojan and Displaced Trojan for all of their help and support over the past few months. Also a special thanks to USCLink for his constant input and insight.

Of course I want to thank ALL of my colleagues from SBN for making this experience a fun one. I look forward to much more in the coming year.

Thanks again everyone for all of your participation it really means a lot. Lets keep it humming along.

Merry Christmas!