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The Ghost's of Coordinators Past

So what did Norm Chow mean? I don't know but it is clear to me that the loss of his presence will continue to haunt us if the current OC's don't get their act together.

There has been a lot of speculation about the radio interview that former SC offensive coordinator Norm Chow gave to 570-AM. Both CFR and Displaced Trojan have some great write ups in regards to the interpretation of Chow's use of the word "maybe" or "may be". There is a bigger issue of the laziness of the MSM in both of these posts but that is a discussion for another day.

While I will let these fine writers comment on the what was said and what was meant I am more interested in as to how the ghost of Norm Chow's genius continues to haunt this program. I've let my feelings be known about Kiffin here. I realize a talent like Chow wasn't going to stay at SC forever and I think it's evident that his work truly is genius as we have seen with what he is doing with Vince Young in the NFL. But there is this "thing" still hanging around in regards to his departure.

It is easy to infer that there is still some bad blood between Chow and SC, but I think at this point, regardless of what side you fall on, the team of Kiffin and Sarkisian has not come close to achieving what Chow did at SC. As I have said before USC is not a place for on the job training. This program needs a veteran at the controls of the most important jobs outside of the Head Coach. Some would argue that the youth and inexperience on this team contributed to many of the close calls that this team had but many more would argue that in our two losses this season that youth and inexperience of some on the coaching staff were directly responsible for those two losses.

I will take nothing away from Vince Young and his incredible performance on that night in January but I would guarantee that SC wins that game if Chow is running the offense. He just sees things that others don't and is quick to react to it on the field. We don't have that now and even if we did to me a win in the Rose Bowl will dispel very little of those feelings until we get consistent in the regular season and beat UCLA in '07.

Maybe it is a bit gratuitous of Chow to call these guys out 2 seasons later but I think it shows the level of frustration that SC fans have right now. I also think that Chow's support for Walker has to do more with Walkers experience as a coach in comparison to Kiffin and Sarkisian. I am not an expert at play calling but the lack of experience to me could potentially lead them down the conservative road. Every once in a while they should take a chance with something new.

Clearly, we have been spoiled but winning will do that.