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Bowl Season Begins...

I tried to watch the Poinsettia Bowl last night, I really did, but it was too painful. Northern Illinois must be super-thrilled that they took the time and trouble to fly out to San Diego to get beaten like gongs, 37-7, in front of 27 people and a dog named Fred.

The Poinsettia Bowl drew only 29,709 to 70,000-seat Qualcomm Stadium on a cold night.

Fine, 29,709 people and a dog named Fred. I think that most had left by the 4th quarter anyway. Except Fred, he bailed at the half to go and pee on the team buses.

And while we're on the subject, NIU -- or the offensive line -- will be getting an invoice next spring from Garrett Wolfe for the difference between what he might have made in the draft, given a decent game, and what he's likely to make after last night. Some of that lack of rushing was due to him, but as the NIU coach said after the game:

"You know, Garrett is a great back," NIU coach Joe Novak said. "But I don't care if you're Superman, if you're not getting them blocked, you're not going anywhere. We didn't block them well enough to give Garrett a chance."

TCU was also kind enough to leave their senior starters in for the whole game just to make sure that there was no doubt, so that they could get rankings style points to be in a bowl... what, this is it? They were just being jackasses? Oh.

Is this really better than a playoff system? A bunch of crap games leading up to a supposed critical few with BCS teams, only three of which have anything to gain from a win?

I don't think I can watch too much more of this; it's just as well that I've been using Euro soccer to ease the withdrawal - a sporting methadone* if you will -- following the end of the college football regular season.

(Rant notwithstanding, you know I'll be glued to Oregon - BYU because I just can't help myself.)

*This joke about opiates is just that kids, there's nothing funny about getting hooked on heroin. Imagine watching the UCLA game so that you saw the Maualuga hit on Cowan first, and then had to watch the rest of the game - that's life on smack. Just say no.