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GameDay Open Thread: UCLA vs. USC

This is the Game Day open thread for today's game against the UCLA Bruins.

Please leave your comments, questions, complaints or general rants here. I'll have a summary and thoughts on the game tonight, hopefully.

Rivalries can be tricky things. They bring out the best, and worst, when it comes to fans. Of course the media is no different, saying all sorts of looney things. Obviously I disagree whole-heartedly with the article. Just because UCLA has an improved defense is not reason enough, at least in my eyes, to guarantee a win today. It will take a lot more than that.  With SC coming off three impressive wins heading into today's game some might be concerned about a let down or the team looking ahead to their chance to play Ohio State in Glendale. Each rivalry has it own appeal and the outcome will always have some lasting affect. This is no different in regards to USC/UCLA. There is a lot on the line for both teams, whether it's a trip to prominent bowl game or a coaching career  that hangs in the balance today's game will have a million different mini-dramas that can play out.

While this rivalry has lost much of its luster in the national picture of late it is still a big deal for fans, alums and the LA community in general. With so much on the line rivalries can make strange bedfellows like in the M Zone's recent post. That's pretty funny, they get it. Of course the only thing that matters for SC is a win and a trip to the BCS title game for a third straight year. UCLA has a lot riding on this game, pride for one and the future is two. Their concerns are not mine but I respect them enough to know that they won't rollover. SC needs to come out firing and set the tone. Again, if the O line can contain UCLA's great defensive ends then Booty will have time to put it up and exploit the Bruin secondary. To me it just that simple.

It has been an interesting year for this team. It was supposed to be a rebuilding year and yet we are right in the mix of things. We have had some close calls and one heartbreaker, but that was just what this team needed- a reality check. I am confident that we will win today, but regardless, I am proud of how Pete Carroll and his staff have brought this team along and the future for this team has never looked brighter. We a re lucky to have him and there isn't another school that wouldn't take him if they could get him.

We are 3/4th's of the way there. A win today and we are in!

Good Luck Guys!