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News and Notes

No word on Jarrett: WR Dwayne Jarrett has yet to make up his mind about going to the NFL next season. I have no problem with Jarrett taking his time and finishing the season. I find it a little amusing that he is a little upset that that people are assuming that he will bolt for the pros. He is a top player who has proven all he can on the field so I'm not sure what the motivation would be to stay one more year.

Speaking of Leaving: According to Walker Ashley Lee the rumors of his transferring to Minnesota are just that rumors. Who really knows? Playing time is important to these guys and with talent that SC has getting quality playing time when you are a couple of spots down on the depth chart it can be tough to break through. There is so much talent on this team that most of the second stringers would start at most other programs.

Men's Hoops: SC takes on Charleston Southern today and starting point guard Daniel Hackett is getting some competition from the player he took the job from Kevin Galloway. Galloway is showing some improvement and he knows he needs to work harder if expects to win the job back.

Ending the Streak: The players know what's at stake in their upcoming game against Michigan in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day. With 2 losses in a row at the storied venue the Trojans don't want to make it three. Rey Maualuga has some perspective and he assures us that he is focused and has no intention in having the wrong type of Three-Pete happen on New years Day.

About the Rose Bowl: Michigan also has a lot to prove after being left out of the BCS Title Game. They want to prove their #2 and that they deserved a shot at #1 Ohio State in the title game on Jan. 8th.

Pac 10 Mediocrity?: Check out this article from ESPN. I know we've heard for months that the Pac 10 is not ass good as other D-1 conferences But this is more nonsense from the East * Coast * Bias. Can you honestly say that outside of the top 3 in the Big 10 that there was any more competiton than in the Pac 10? Where was the strength in the Big 12 out side of Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska? Enough already! No conference has a monopoly on greatness. All have their strong teams and all have bottom feeders. And there is a lot of in between. I guess it was a slow day at the office.