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Recognition at last...

As you may have noticed, the nomination process for the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards has started (see Rocky Top Talk for the overview).

Nominations are starting to crop up in various places; for instance, Burnt Orange Nation has a few thoughts on Funniest Blog.

It came as something of a surprise to me at least, but DT and Paragon have both noticed that Conquest Chronicles has been nominated jointly with Bruins Nation for the following award:

The You Talkin' To Me Award

FOR: The best back and forth between rival blogs the week before a rivalry game.

CRITERIA: Must be bi-directional, and both blogs must score points against each other. A unilateral beat-down will not suffice. Should be more in the spirit of fun than wildly abusive.

Apparently T. Kyle King over at Dawg Sports was taken (more accurately, taken aback) with the light-hearted repartee between ourselves and the denizens of Bruins Nation, and decided we should get the nod.

I think this is all the more satisfying because it was an organic collective effort (don't worry Paragon, I'm not getting pinko on you here): there was no plan, just an outbreak of smack and disdain. Was it healthy? Probably not, but it was authentic.

Incidentally, all T. Kyle King is saying is give peace a chance:

In all seriousness, Nestor and Paragon SC are both friends and colleagues of mine, so I hope tempers between the Bruin and Trojan contingents will cool in the weeks ahead, lest a storied institutional rivalry take on a decidedly unhealthy dimension of personal animosity, any more than it already has.

In the meantime, though, there's simply no way to claim that there is greater intensity in any rivalry represented in the blogosphere than that to be found in U.C.L.A.-U.S.C. Here's hoping Nestor and Paragon SC get to hoist this trophy together, then sit down and smoke a peace pipe afterwards.

I would pay at least $2.50 to see that portion of the awards ceremony.