A walk around Troy

I don't have anything new or shocking out there, so I'll just give a rundown of what's going on around the Trojan Blogosphere.  My only contribution is that I met Emmanuel Moody tonight, who is a very cool, and down to earth person.

Trojanwire does the 1000th post, and runs through some of the things that have made USC football great.  Included are our tailbacks, our quarterbacks, our streak, and paris hilton?  Check it out.

They also run through an article on regarding the state of the Pac-10 this year, and how it should more or less destroy continents and ravage the women of other conferences next year.

Displaced Trojan tells us about ESPN's voting contests and asks for our support for the 4 different USC teams which are being considered for the best of all time.

Scott over at has a rundown of all of our recruiting needs.  So far, we either have gotten verbals, or are in the running for a lot of top recruits.  He's almost always got a post up about the recruiting situation, so check there regularly.

Scott Wolf has  a rundown of our all American candidates and selections, so check it out.  He posts pretty often, so give it a look every now and again.

Jonathan over at It's a definite maybe has his argument about the BCS versus playoffs.  Give it a look and get in on the conversation.

That's what's going around the Trojan Blogosphere.  Read up boys, and fight on!

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