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Focus on Special Teams

If there is one thing that has concerned me most about this years team it been special teams. I know this isn't a shock to anyone who has been watching SC play this year. With Oregon coming to town they have 2 kick returners that in are in the top 10 in the Pac 10. SC has been burned a couple of times this season with some long returns. They also have a  tremendous weapon in DeSean Jackson who has 3 punt returns for TD's this season.

From the LA Times:

Trojans punter Greg Woidneck said his mission this week was to improve the hang time of his kicks so that the ball does not outdistance the coverage team. USC gave up a 70-yard punt return for a touchdown in its loss against Oregon State.

"When you're a punter, it's 'I want the bomb. I want to get 45 yards or more,' " Woidneck said. "But we'll take a shorter punt with a fair catch rather than a longer punt without one every time."

This is one area where SC needs to be perfect in its execution.