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Loop Hole in the New Clock Rule?

Check out this article in the Press Enterprise by  Dan Webber.  This is why the new clock rules are a joke. Coaches always look for ways to get around the rules but in this case it makes the coach look silly and it probably violates the "spirit" of the rule.

With the new rules that start the clock when the ball is touched by the kicker's foot, could a team really run out the clock with intentional offside penalties and re-kicks the way Wisconsin did three times in succession? That strategy left Penn State no chance for a return and left Paterno fuming, even before he broke his leg in the second half. Wisconsin was as much as 10 yards offside, giving Penn State no chance to advance the ball and forcing it to accept the penalty.

Yeah that's just what we need, sandlot rules. Some day the NCAA will get one right but this isn't one of those times.