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Morning Coffee

It looks like Ryan Powdrell's college Career is over at USC as the NCAA is unlikely to grant him a 6th year of eligibility due to injury.

Both Stanley Havili and Chris McCoy have not been cleared by the medical staffto return to normal football duties. I wonder if the coaching staff is considering a medical red shirt for Havili.

As I touched on in yesterdays post, this weekends game is important on a lot of levels and [Oregon is looking to cash with a big win]

The Daily Trojan has an interesting take on Oregon QB Dennis Dixon. I think the piece makes some good points and SC needs to contain AND get some sacks in order to win this game. But this only part of the equation SC still needs to put some points on the board in order to offset the UO spread offense.

Bill Curry has an interesting take on Pete Carroll, I'm not sure if agree with what he is saying but I'll let you be the judge. HT: CFR