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BlogPoll Ballot for week #11 Submitted

Here is the Conquest Chronicles Week #11 BlogPoll Ballot. Things are starting to tighten up!

For reference here is last weeks poll.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 Texas --
4 Louisville 1
5 California 2
6 Auburn 2
7 Florida 2
8 Southern Cal 3
9 Notre Dame 1
10 Arkansas 2
11 LSU 3
12 West Virginia 8
13 Boise State --
14 Wisconsin 1
15 Tennessee 9
16 Oklahoma 1
17 Georgia Tech 1
18 Oregon 1
19 Nebraska 2
20 Rutgers --
21 Clemson 5
22 Wake Forest 2
23 Virginia Tech 2
24 Maryland 2
25 Texas A&M 2

Dropped Out: Boston College (#22).

So the big game between WVU and Louisville put the Cardnials right in the middle of the BCS chase. Texas made a strong statement aginst the Cowboys and they continue to lurk around the top. Cal cracks my top 5 for the first time with an impressive win against UCLA, Did you see that block on the punt return!! While Auburn and Florida still are moving towards their matchup in the SEC Title Game Arkansas is looking to make a statement that they deserve a shot. Ohio State and Michigan both had weak outings this weekend but they are probably just saving their strength for their big game at The Shoe in a couple of weeks. That continues to be the game of the year and should be a doozie.

Rutgers looks to play spoiler this week in an attempt to knock off the Cardinals, but they have a tough hill to climb. Boise St. took it to Fresno St. as they continue to slide into oblivion. Tennessee loses a heartbreaker to LSU as they also look to finish strong. Notre Dame manhandled North Carolina in waht could be another win of weak team. I took heat for that last week, it is what it is. Wisconsin continues to impress while also taking out JoPa, his surgery was a success. Is it me or is Oklahoma looking pretty good right now while A&M aren't quite there yet. Take away that weird loss to Oregon and their season looks very different. Speaking of the Ducks, they will come prepared to face USC this weekend in LA. The Trojans got back on track with a rout of Stanford but there is no time to relax.

Nebraska still has a chance to make some noise. Ga. Tech. moves along while Va. Tech. gets by the 'Caines. BC falls out of my top 25 and Wake Forest continues to move up. Maryland gets in to my top 25 with their win over Clemson, WOW what happened to them! Things are starting to get interesting but we still have a way to go.