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New USC Gear from Nike

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Matt at GCI Group here in NYC giving me the lowdown on a new line that Nike was bringing to market. This new under layer line, called Nike Pro REV, was first worn by members of the football team for the Oregon game a couple of weeks ago. You may have seen it if you looked carefully.

I don't normally do product endorsements but I am always on the look out for some great USC apparel, so when I was contacted about the new line I was quick to get the info on this new product.

Matt was kind enough to send me a sample, though it was a bit to small for me so I had my brother-in-law try it out and he said that it felt comfortable when he wore it on one of his many bike trips around the area.

Naturally, I asked Matt when the line would be available to the general public and where it could be found and he put me in touch with the designer from Nike, Todd Van Horne who kind enough to answer my questions. Rest assured these guys were thorough in their research. The toured the teams facilities and met with members of the teams staff to get their input.

1. What was the motivation for the new logo? It is definitely a great logo. Has the school gone shopping for another logo to identify itself?

This logo was created for Nike Pro REV and a few other pieces that we designed this season to highlight the winning traditions of the school. No, this will not replace the USC logo.

2. With the great run that has USC has had of late I'm sure the demand for USC apparel has been tough to quench. This new line will make that demand even higher. How will Nike keep up with the demand?

Nike has kept up with the demand by creating new and innovative items for USC this season.  We have made the Pro REV line and other sport inspired apparel items for players and fans to celebrate the USC culture.

3. While I'm sure the new line will readily available out on the west coast are there any outlets on the east coast or reputable Internet outlets that will carry the Nike USC line?

Please check on or in Niketown retail locations near you. The under layers can be found on by selecting Men's --> Apparel.

The Nike Pro REV under layer line for USC.

This is definitely good stuff and it whole-heartedly gets a CC endorsement. It will be very popular with those on the lookout for some great USC gear. My thanks to Matt at GCI Group for his interest and help in providing the above information.