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Was There Ever Any Doubt?

Man I'm Pumped!! That was a great win.

Come on, that's the best you've got?! Enough already. Lord of the Rings my ass!  Four-corners my ass! I'm sure Coach Weis is a nice guy but he still hasn't won anything of  importance in the NCAA. The Domer Nation can now go back into their hole and hope for an at-large bid probably in the Sugar Bowl. Lou Holtz can go back into his assisted living facility and drool his oatmeal. I don't want him on the bandwagon. Mark May can drive the bus he's been with us since day one.

Desmond Reed getting some revenge
Photo: Lori Shepler/ LAT

Everyone stepped up tonight. This was an all out effort and the Irish never saw it coming. They looked completely out matched and their "improved defense" did not have the answers, except for the small stretch in the 2nd qtr. You can't compete on that level with the type of schedule that ND played this year. I don't care how many plays you scheme against in your free time. I love Navy, I'm a Navy vet, but there is no way to get ready for this type of game playing that type of competition. Quinn is a great player as is the Shark, I don't want to try and spell his name, but they can't do it all. Too many dropped passes, not enough containment of D-Line to open up holes for the ground game, and Walker not hanging on to the ball pissed Weis off.

Jarrett making the connection
Photo: Wally Skalij / LAT

There was a stretch in the 2nd  qtr. when things looked a little bleak but these guys stepped up and made a statement. Jarrett had a great game with 3 TD's, Booty had a fantastic game with 4 TD's, Gable looked great and the defense was spectacular. Let me say this here, as its not said enough, the O line did a great job in protecting Booty. All in all a VERY productive game.

There is still work to be done as we need to get ready for the Bruins.  We need to bomb them back to the stone age. Lets kick Dorrell's ass so that UCLA can try and find a real coach to make this rivalry worth something again. It's going to be a great week. Hopefully we can have a little roundtable with BN to discuss the big game.

Lets enjoy this one and get ready for the Bruins. Great win Guys!!