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Blogging Update

I'd like to thank DC Trojan and Displaced Trojan for helping me out over the past week or so as I get settled into my new job. Things are almost back to normal and I will be back posting on a regular basis this week.

It's Notre Dame week so we will have some Q & A with Rakes of Mallow the great Notre Dame Blog on SBN and I will have some commentary on the game starting tomorrow.

Over the next few weeks we will start to focus on hoops as SC tries to get over the tragic death of Ryan Francis earlier this year and we will look at some of the new faces on the team for this season.

Of course we will stay focused on the football team until their fate is solidified and when it is we will have analysis on their bowl game BCS or Rose.

Thanks again for your patience. Colin and Kevin did a great job in my absence and I am eternally grateful for their willingness to help. Thanks Guys!

Fight On! and BEAT The Irish!!