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A Real Homer Newspaper

Some people across town might complain about how biased the likes of the LA Times and LA Daily News are -- they might, you never know -- but either of those rags have some distance to go to catch up with the Ann Arbor News.

I can say this with some confidence because my in-laws arrived from A2 for a flying visit on Saturday morning, bearing said paper for our delectation:

First, the Victorian death-notice cover section on the life and times of Bo Schembechler:

(Excuse the iffy image quality, the digital camera was out of power so I had to use my cell phone...)

Then there was the very hip movie reference for the cover of the OMG Game of the Century preview:

However, full points for finding another way to cast old Cheatypants McSweatervest as a villain:

Getting that branded on must have been a pre-requisite for the contract, I suppose.