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GameDay Open Thread: Cal vs. USC

This is the Game Day open thread for tonight's game against the Cal Golden Bears.

Please leave your comments, questions, complaints or general rants here. I hope to have a summary and thoughts on the game tomorrow but probably on Monday.

This is the 2nd step in our quest for the BCS Title game. My thoughts on Cal are here. But I think the write-up that Peter did on BON is very good and very thorough. This will be our toughest game to date but the Bears have some holes that SC should be able to exploit. As I type this Ohio State is up 14-7 over Michigan and their defense is looking pretty good. I'm not one to look forward to opponents as we will still 2 games to go after today but the Buckeyes are looking solid.

I would like to thank DC Trojan and Displaced Trojan for filling in for me this week they had a great give and take with Tightwad Hill on the game tonight, USCLink also helped out on the questions as well. I am eternally grateful for their assistance this week.

Lets put this one away early tonight!