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One More Dig on Jackson, Then Onward

I don't mean to pick on just one kid, let alone one subject matter here, but DeSean Jackson is like a blogger's gift that keeps on giving, and it's a lot of fun reading the stupid stuff he says.

Besides, two of Jackson's former high school teammates and current Trojans, Vincent Joseph and Travon Patterson, say that Jackson is prone to psych games. "If you get in his head you can get him," said Patterson. Of course, we know Jackson doesn't read this blog (probably), but it's fun nonetheless.

Anyway, just so it doesn't look like we're DeSean Jackson obsessed here, I posted more comments on his latest spew over at The Displaced Trojan.

Now, on to other stuff ...

Out here on the east coast, all the hype is becoming unbearable if you're not a Jersey State Rutgers fan. Actually, it's getting downright insulting if you're a Cal fan.

Apparently, a writer named Tom Luicci of the New Jersey Star-Ledger has it in for Lee Corso, and in letting us know this, he inadvertently insults the Bears.

You can't expect everyone in the media to be on the Rutgers bandwagon, and that's fine. But for ESPN's Lee Corso to be as dismissive of the Knights as he has been just shows his ignorance. Of course, this is the same guy who picked California -- the Rutgers of the West -- to win the national championship. Even after the Bears lost at Tennessee, now a three-loss team, he said Cal still had a shot. Probably not now, after losing to 5-5 Arizona. Maybe Corso can do a little homework and bring up this point: The nine teams Notre Dame has beaten are a combined 44-48. The nine Rutgers has beaten are 46-43. But he can accept the Irish as national championship contenders. Just more proof why he's the clown prince of college football.

Cal is "the Rutgers of the West"? LOL. We've taken our shots at the Bears, but we could never go that far! As for the Domer comparison, we'll let that go for now.

A more measured take on Jersey State Rutgers comes from "Hawaii" on what appears to be some sort of Keith Olbermann fan blog. (Huh? That's right, a blog for Olbermann fans.) Anyway, according this "Hawaii," Olberman thinks that "New Yorkers are willing to take any winner in the `neighborhood.'"

Of course, we know what Olbermann is talking about, since there hasn't been a college football game of any significance in New York for 60 years. The result being idiots throughout the Tri-State region taking a ride on the proverbial "subway" to South Bend.

Normally, this would be a perfect segue to engage in some good-natured "Irish" bashing. But we can wait a week for that. First things first ...

Beat the Bears! .