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DeSean Jackson Running ... His Mouth

First things first.  Thanks to Paragon SC for inviting me to fill in as a "guest blogger" here this week, along with DC Trojan.  It feels like a step up in class, as if this Displaced Trojan isn't so displaced anymore.  Of course, Paragon SC also lives on the east coast ... and come to think of it, so does DC Trojan.  Go figure.  But, I digress ...

Like most fans, I love it when a kid on the opposing team can't keep his mouth shut.  As luck would have it, there is a Cal Bear coming to the Coliseum this Saturday who is willing to play along.

His name is DeSean Jackson, a one-time USC recruit who is the second coming of Ted Ginn, Jr. or a second-rate Reggie Bush, however you want to look at it.  Either way, he's fast and quick and dangerous on a college football field.  He's also cocky and perhaps not too bright, which makes him a perfect target for a USC blog.

No sooner do we call him out for hot-dogging during Cal's loss to Arizona last Saturday than Jackson lets his mouth run about his self-proclaimed "homecoming" to play USC.

Cal's DeSean Jackson had set two conference records with his 95-yard punt return for a touchdown in the first quarter against Arizona, but after the loss, all he wanted to talk about was USC.

If the Bears beat the Trojans next weekend, they will be in the driver's seat to win the Pacific-10 title and a spot in the Rose Bowl.

"I want to come back and put on a show for my hometown," said Jackson, who attended Long Beach Poly High School.

Sure, Jackson performed well against Zona, but my biased point of view says he was looking ahead to USC like the rest of the Cal football program and their local media.  On the other hand, it's possible that Cal lost because of its uniforms, according to Jackson:

"It was weird out there. We wore our white uniforms [against Arizona], and those are the ones that we wore when we played Tennessee [and lost 35-18]. I just had a weird feeling."

Again, Jackson is fast and quick, but apparently he is faster and quicker in blue pants.  Or is he more "weird" in white pants?  Like we said, perhaps Jackson isn't too bright.  

Of course, it won't matter to USC's defensive secondary and special teams.  Jackson will be marked regardless of what color pants he's wearing.  And, with his advanced warning, we'll see what kind of "show" he puts on for his "hometown."

Beat the Bears!