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November 13: Morning Coffee

Greetings. My original plan was a morning coffee post but since it's rapidly approaching noon EST, this is turning into perhaps a quick beer with lunch...

Anyway, after a weekend of BCS mayhem, I thought it would be worth highlighting posts from fans of three now-two-loss teams, plus some truly succinct comments from elsewhere:

  • Texas loses to Kansas State. Burnt Orange Nation takes a deep breath and dives into the reasons why. Hint: they are none too pleased with their running backs or indeed the secondary. Hmm, a national champion team whose bid for a repeat is hampered by an iffy secondary, I know I've seen that before... but where?
  • I don't care for Auburn, so instead please turn your attention to some very happy Dawgs fans, including a tale of a good last minute ticket decision at Hey Jenny Slater, T Kyle King's festival of schadenfreude, which garners style points for comparing Auburn's QB to a well known Eastern European pervert, and Paul Westerdawg provides a sober-ish after-action report
  • The long and the short of the Bears' surprise choke in the desert against Arizona. This suggests that Mike Stoops is in fact the opposite of his brother as his team loses until late season games against quality opponents. Bears loyalists in the meantime are mentally preparing themselves to clinch the Rose Bowl at the Coliseum next week... we'll see.
  • Rocky Top Talk and U-Dub Dish provide the most succinct game summaries seen in some time, and then Zach openly wonders: is Willingham really the guy for Saturdays? Saunders and Whitlock are on high-alert.
And now back to my actual job.