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Guest Blogging on Tap

I recently changed jobs and over the next week or two I will be settling in with some training and getting acquainted with my new digs. In my absence Colin, DC Trojan and Kevin, The Displaced Trojan will be filling in and handle the posting duties. I will try to occasionally post but if things get a little too busy with the new job I don't want the site to go unattended and they have been gracious in giving me a hand while I get things settled.

I will stop in on occasion as my training will be a little flexible, but as we all know first impressions with new employers are important so I will lay low in the beginning. My new job will also take me back into NYC so I will also need to get familiar with having a little more windshield time than I have had to deal with for the last 2 years. Change is good, as it is in this situation.

Thank you for your patience in my absence and enjoy the work that both Colin and Kevin do. They are fantastic Bloggers and really write some great stuff.

See you soon!!