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Pac 10 Officiating not the only Problem

I'm not one for revisionist history but check out this story in today's LA Times.

Texas' first touchdown against USC in the 2006 national championship game at the Rose Bowl should have been overturned, but replay officials had the wrong television feed plugged into their monitor.

The play occurred in the second quarter of what was a last-minute, 41-38 victory for the Longhorns. Running downfield, quarterback Vince Young was hit by a defender and lateraled to teammate Selvin Young, who sprinted the remaining 12 yards to the end zone, giving his team a 9-7 lead.

The touchdown stood, even though one replay angle -- seen by television viewers but not officials -- showed that Young's left knee touched the ground before he released the ball.

I realize that this doesn't change a thing in regards to this game. And I'm not sure it would have mattered but it would have been nice to have, on the most important game of the year, some competency in the replay booth. I guess this is how Stoops felt after the UO game.

The bigger picture here is that the NCAA still can't get a handle on officiating and monitoring its games. Did they bother to check with the NFL in regards to how they set up their replay equipment? With as much money as the NCAA gets you would think that spend the money to properly train the people who are supposed to set these things up and check then double check that all is well.

I say scrap the conference affiliations and make all the officials answer to the NCAA. Or if they can't do it set up an outside organization for officiating. This sort of incompetence only takes away from having quality games' outcomes being decided on the field.