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Is Chaos about to Ensue

There was a great write up on BON last night about Rutgers win over Louisville and how the BCS picture is tightening up. On a side note, I live in North Jersey about 30 min from Rutgers and I can tell you that the state is absolutely in love with this team even the "fans" in the five boroughs have jumped on the bandwagon. I tried like hell to get tickets for the game last night once I knew my schedule was freed up but they were nowhere to be found at the last minute.

Obviously, the only thing that matters to SC is that we win out. Our OOCS, should we win out, will vault us over just about everyone in the BCS chase. What will be interesting to see is if SC drops out of the running how will the computers and the human polls decide who is #2? The consensus right now is that Florida and Texas will have the best shot at the MNC, The loser of the tOSU v. UM game will NOT get a rematch. The loser will have had their chance so it's time for them to move along.

I frankly have no idea how that will shake out. Both have a couple of tomato can wins on their schedule and one loss to a top 10 team. After those two it gets even more confusing. Whether or not you want or believe in a playoff the BCS is really going to have its hands full if there are a ton of 1-loss teams vying for that #2 spot you can already imagine the jockeying for position that is bound to take place if a couple teams are close.

As for Rutgers, should they win out how do they fit in? This is a classic case of being ranked too low or unranked, as in Rutgers case, in the preseason top 25. Will they get a sniff of the MNC? SMQ has a great write on the subject. It's hard to tell, nut there will be a ton of discussions about it.

Regardless of how it all turns out there will be chaos and I hope SC is far above it when it `s all said and done when we're sitting at #2.