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BlogPoll for Week #6 Submitted and Explained

Here is the Conquest Chronicles Week #6 BlogPoll Ballot.

For reference here is last weeks poll.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Michigan --
4 Florida 1
5 Texas 2
6 West Virginia --
7 Louisville 1
8 Tennessee 8
9 California 3
10 Notre Dame 1
11 Auburn 7
12 Iowa 3
13 Clemson 1
14 Nebraska 4
15 Boise State 4
16 Georgia 5
17 LSU 7
18 Oregon 5
19 Georgia Tech 7
20 Virginia Tech --
21 Oklahoma 4
22 Missouri 1
23 UCLA 1
24 Rutgers 2
25 Wisconsin --

Dropped Out: Florida State (#21).

This weeks ballot explained.

1. Ohio State: The Buckeyes continue to roll and were just working out the play book with this weeks game against Bowling Green.

2. USC: I considered dropping SC in this weeks poll after their lack luster win against Washington. But heck, a win is a win and you don't get penalized because you win ugly.

3. Florida: This was an impressive win. But when you look at their schedule some of their wins have been against some lesser teams.

4. Michigan: Henne, Hart and Manningham continue to get it done against MSU. Did Coach Smith hit himself again after the game?

5. Texas: Colt is the real McCoy as the `Horns make an example out of the Sooners.

6. West Virginia: Another Ho Hum win, this time against Miss. St. Steve Slaton has a decent game.

7. Louisville: yes, it was an impressive win. They're just marking time until the play WVU.

8. Tennessee: Did Georgia get the number of that truck?

9. Cal: This is not the same team that played Tennessee in their season opener. They have an excellent chance to take the Pac 10

10. ND: Did anyone actually watch this game against Stanford? A lackluster win against a lackluster team. They are officially in the easy part of the schedule

11. Auburn: Tommy T. took a little too much out of the karma bank when he crossed the football gods.

12. Iowa: They get back on track with a win against Purdue.

13. Clemson: They were down for the count but found a way to blow Wake out. Spiller has another great week.

14. Nebraska: This time the running game worked. The Blackshirts run up 250 yards in rushing.

15. Boise St.: Being down early, the Broncos have a fit and blow out LA Tech.

16-25 include Georgia, LSU, Oregon and Oklahoma who all lost impressively. The winners include GA Tech, Mizzou, UCLA and Wisconsin. Those who stayed the same, VA Tech and Rutgers.

The games that I watched: USC-Washington, Texas-Oklahoma (on tape), Florida-LSU (on tape) and Cal-Oregon.

Games I checked out: Arkansas-Auburn, Tennessee-Georgia, UCLA-Arizona

There were some big winners and some big losers. Things are pretty stable at the top and as the season progresses there will be more movement. Obviously USC is the mystery guest at this party, they continue to win but not in the way that we are accustomed to. Injuries and young, untested talent have been the order of the day.

Texas and Colt McCoy are starting to hit on all cylinders as is Florida and Michigan. Notre Dame will cruise until they play USC. Tennessee and Cal made some big statements while Louisville and WVU mark time until they meet up in a couple of weeks.

There is still a lot of football to played.