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UW vs. USC: Post Game Wrap

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Zach at The Dish was gracious enough to do a little post game roundtable with me on yesterday's game at the Coliseum. My questions and his answers are below. His questions and my answers will be up on U Dub Dish later on in the evening.

1- Give a brief overview of how you thought the offense played?

I thought the offense was decent. The ground game could have been better, but Isaiah Stanback, again, made some big time plays. People in Seattle would really have liked to see what Stanback could have done if the Dawgs could have gotten off a final snap.

2- How about the defense?

The defense was so-so. USC marched down the field with the amount of difficulty of Joe Buck making a football game sound boring: zero problems at all. But the defense was big in the regard that the Trojans had to settle for 4 field goals. Had two of those field goals turned into touchdowns, USC wins in a rout.

3- Where were you pleasantly surprised in this game?

The way the Huskies stayed confident against tough circumstances was impressive. Down early and needing to keep the pressure, the offense was able to move the ball and gave the defense a rest. The offense being able to move the ball became UW's best defense.

4- Where were you disappointed?

The last sequence of events obviously has people pretty upset. It's hard to determine where blame should be dealt. We think it's the officiating in that Sonny Shakelford's knee was clearly down with 4 -- not 2 -- seconds left. Had the officials not rolled those precious seconds off the clock, the confusion at the end that led to the lack of a final stap would have been negated.

Thanks, Jim!