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The Polls Are Out

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As USCLink has posted in this diary the AP and USA Today Polls are out. Link has some of the same questions I do. My first question was WTF!

Let me say this up front: This is not a comparison between the Pac 10 and the SEC. This is merely my questioning of the rankings based on schedules.

I am curious as to what the pollsters were thinking when the put UF ahead of USC. Lets look at Florida first. There is no question that UF has played some great ball in the past few weeks and going on the road to beat Tennessee in a squeaker was a classic. But I am not buying into their tough schedule. Beating LSU is a little more hollow than some will admit. Here is LSU's schedule to date. Mostly tomato cans. It is hard to see how LSU was tested against some of these easier teams only to have them come apart against UF. Not exactly a tough schedule especially with Auburn getting torched AT HOME by Arkansas. The loss to Auburn really stands out when you factor in Auburn's loss to Arkansas. Maybe LSU wasn't as strong as we thought.

9/2 @ LSU 45, ULL 3
9/9 @ LSU 45, Arizona 3
9/16 @ Auburn 7, LSU 3
9/23 @ LSU 49, Tulane 7
9/30 @ LSU 48, Miss St 17
10/7 @ Florida 23, LSU 10

Here is Florida's schedule to date. Again, outside of UT and to a lesser degree LSU, there are a lot of tomato cans here.

9/2 Southern Miss W 34-7
9/9 Central Florida W 42-0
9/16 @ Tennessee W 21-20
9/23 Kentucky W 26-7
9/30 Alabama W 28-13
10/7 LSU W 23-10

Is It Soup Yet Ma?

My point is that some of these wins give a false impression of how good a team really is. With this schedule there is no way that UF should jump us in the polls. Did USC have some tough wins against WSU and UW? You Bet! But when you ad the wins against Arkansas and Nebraska I think its safe to say that even with those 2 tough wins and having 1 less win due to an early bye week I just don't see what the voters are thinking. As Link says "Since when was a team penalized for winning?" Obviously, when it's sexy. With placement in the polls so critical to getting to the title game, dropping a spot makes it all that tougher to get there. Will SC win out this season? I don't know, they have some questions but until they lose they shouldn't be punished for winning especially when the other teams winning are doing it against lesser talent.

Again, this is not a knock on LSU or UF. They are proud programs that play some great football and in the case of UF they have won the games they were supposed to win. This is just and observation an how nutty the polling system can be.