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GameDay Open Thread Washington vs. USC

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This is the Game Day open thread for the Game against the University of Washington.

Please leave your comments, questions, complaints or general rants here. I'll have a summary and thoughts on today's game up tomorrow.

What to look for:

  • The Huskies have been better than expected with wins against UCLA and Fresno St. QB Isaiah Stanback is looking to send a message to the Trojans that they made a mistake by passing on him.
  • Kick Returner Marlon Wood is also looking to get some payback after have left the game against SC last year after being tackled and subsequently injured by Josh Pinkard.
  • SC should put the ball up a lot to try and take advantage of the weak UW secondary.
  • The SC defense needs to get pressure on Stanback and get some sacks.
  • The running game needs to really come out the gates hot.
Keys to the Game:

I posted those here.

SC needs to play this one tough. With Auburn losing to Arkansas we can move up a spot in the rankings and keep the critics quiet. If Cal can beat the Ducks it will help us in the Pac 10 standings so as with all games this one is important.