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BlogPoll Roundtable for Week 6

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CrossCyed, the great Iowa State Blog covering the Iowa State Cyclones hosts this weeks BlogPoll Roundtable.

1. We're about halfway through the season at this point. Have you gotten a gauge on your team's chances this year to make noise in conference play, or is the team still a total freaking mystery?

I think USC had a lot of unknowns going into this season. A rebuilt Offensive Line, a whole new backfield, a new secondary and a ton of freshman who are bound to play major roles on both sides of the ball. Being favored to win the Pac 10 SC can either live up to those expectations or go one way...down. In the first two games they were living up to the hype but in their last two games a number of questions have come up. As with most teams, injuries have played a big a roll. But in the case of SC it has forced a lot of freshman into the game earlier than expected.

I wouldn't say they are a total mystery, but I would say that they have a little more work to do in order to make some real noise in the last 4 games of the season.

2. Many of the bigger conferences such as the Big 12 and the Big 10 use a rotating schedule to determine conference games each year. What are your feelings on the current system used in your conference? Does a rotating schedule work? Has your team always caught a break?

There is no conference championship game in the Pac 10 but this is the first year in a long time that all of the teams in the Pac 10 will be required to play each other. I think it will be tougher for the top teams to win the Pac 10 title if they all have to play each other. There is always a trap game just around the corner so you need to focus on the game at hand and not about the big game in a couple of weeks.

3. In an effort to get to know more about college football, both nationally and regionally, what have you done to expand your college football horizons? Have you caught yourself watching games from other conferences, or taking an interest in games that show up on ESPNU or Fox Sports?

Seeing that I am new to this blogging thing, I read as many publications as I can to try to increase my knowledge of the game. I try to watch as many games as my schedule permits, regardless of conference. But where I have learned the most is from other Bloggers. Blogs get to the heart of he matter without all the hype. Most blogs tend to be realistic in their praise and criticism of the team the cover.  In the instance of general CFB blogs/sites like The Wizard of Odds, HP, CFR, and CFN they will direct you to stories that are important or they will offer up general opinions about all sorts of issues that pertain to CFB.

4. What would you change about the current exposure your team gets, either on the radio, television, print, or on the Internet?

There are times that I think USC gets too much exposure. Last year was a classic example of too much hype. The whole ESPN series on how SC would stack up against some of the past greats in CFB was pointless. This year's champion series was another session of Mental Hopscotch. It is hard to tell how a particular team will perform until they actually play the games. Of course there is only so much you can do. Being the highest profile football team in L.A., sorry UCLA, with all the glitz and glamour that hangs around the program makes for a bit of a circus atmosphere on the sidelines.

5. During last Saturday's game against I-AA Northern Iowa, Iowa State trailed 21-7 at the half. The Cyclone Marching Band played a variety of songs from animated shows, including selections from South Park titled "Blame Canada" and "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" Needless to say, the Cyclones outscored the Panthers 21-6 in the second half. If you had to pick one song for your favorite team to rally to, what would it be? Because we all know what they did for the 2005 White Sox, Journey and "Don't Stop Believing" are not to be considered.

I will defer to one of my regular commentors USCLink for that answer, as he is a member of the Spirit of Troy, the Trojan Marching Band.