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Laying some "Wood" to USC

WR Marlon Wood is chomping at the bit to get a crack at the. Wood's dad Richard was a linebacker for USC in 1972 when SC won the National Championship. As a kid growing up he always hated SC. Wood was injured last year in the game against SC running back the opening kick-off for a 92 yards. Wood claims his "hatred" for SC was more out of rebellion as a kid growing up than anything else.

Getting Ready to Lay Some Wood
Photo:Otto Greule, JR-Getty Images

From the Seattle Times Trojans:

Marlon Wood will make his first trip to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to play the Trojans on Saturday, but says it's meaningful mostly as a chance to beat the Trojans, a team he said he felt "hatred" for as a kid.

"If the game was on TV and they were playing Notre Dame, I would go out and buy a Notre Dame T-shirt and wear it around the house," Wood said.

Wood said it was mostly teenage rebellion at play -- he had to be different than his mom and dad, who would be rooting for USC.

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

When Marlon Wood was a boy, he would root against his father's alma mater.

Never mind that Richard Wood was USC's first three-time All-American. Never mind that Marlon's father is a member of the Trojans Hall of Fame, or that his parents met on the Los Angeles campus.

"I wanted them to lose. I never grew up a fan of (USC)," Marlon Wood said. "You could call it hatred. That's what it is."

Marlon would go so far as to buy the opponents' T-shirt and wear it around the house the week before a USC game.

"I was a little pest," he said.

The kid has talent and he will do his best to pester SC on Special Teams. He wants the chance to exact a little revenge on USC. Well, he will get his wish.