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Post Game wrap-up with Building the Dam

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Jake over at Building the Dam was gracious in answering a few questions as he basks in the post-game afterglow with Oregon State's win over USC. This is obviously a disappointing loss for the Trojan faithful and we should take our hats off to the Beavers in the way they played this weekend.

1-What stood out to you in regards to how the Beaver defense took it to USC? Who was the standout player of the game?

Defensively, we really played as a unit the whole game. Guys stepped up in key situations, like Bryan Payton with the 52-yard interception return that changed the complexion of the game, and Joe Lemma with the batted pass to end the Trojans' hopes of a comeback. So really, I think all our guys had great games out there.

2-Matt Moore has not had the greatest season but yesterday he really kept his composure even after being sacked 6 times. What do think was the key to his success?

This was Matt's third good game in a row. He's been booed and yelled at home all season long, whether it be Cal, Washington State, or even Boise State on the road. He's come back with consecutive solid games at Washington, Arizona, and now SC, and shut the fans up. And he's got to be happy about having no interceptions against the Trojans. That rarely happens around here.

3-In our pre-game discussions you mentioned that if Bernard was out that we would see a lot Clinton Polk.  What were your opinions of his performance? About what you thought they would be or better than expected?

Clinton stepped up to the plate big-time. He didn't have the streakiest performance, but he gained 100 yards even though it didn't seem like it. He got first downs on a couple key third down plays, which bailed us out of trouble. We missed Yvenson, but Clinton really helped us out, as well as brought hope for the future.

4-OK, you asked me what Beaver player I would take if I could pick one and I said I'd pick Sammie Stroughter- can I please take him now? I think he has more than proved his worth!

He has proved his worth, but if I were you I'd be happy with the receivers you have. But as a returner, Sammie is one of the best around.

Thanks Jake! Good luck to you guys for the rest of the season!