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USC 31 Oregon St. 33 ...No, it wasn't that close.

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Even though I am still out of town I want to briefly share my thoughts about today's loss.

First, Anyone who didn't see this coming has their head in the sand. This team has "living" on borrowed time since the Arizona game.

Second, enough about the comparisons about Booty and Leinart. I don't care about stats, I saw some throws today that Leinart never would have attempted. Yes he made some great plays but he is still keying on his first option and then throwing into heavy coverage.

Third, the defense is playing a soft cover-2 and with the new found blitz package that is in place they are even more vulnerable than we have seen in the past.

Jake, at Building the Dam, and I will have a post game round table tomorrow.

If you think the season has been a bit long it could get worse if things don't change fast.

More to come in the coming days, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Now, where did I put that bottle of Tequilla!!