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Maxwell Pundit for Week #8

Here is this week's Conquest Chronicles Ballot for the Maxwell Pundit.

Troy Smith, QB, Ohio State: Once again Mr. Smith leads them to victory! Smith, 15/23 220 yards and 4TD's, spread it around and got everyone involved. He is just smoothing out the rough edges, if he has any, before the big game in Columbus.

Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia: Another Strong Effort. I know it's against UConn but all he does is play the games on the schedule, Slaton had 19 carries for 128 yards and 1 TD. He also had 2 catches for 14 yards.

Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame: Another 2-minute drill another game winning TD. The Bruins kept the pressure up all day long but he still managed to go 27/45 for 304 yards and 2 TD's. He got some help from some questionable play calling by the UCLA coaching staff that allowed The Irish to get the ball back on a UCLA 3-and-out. That final drive was pretty impressive.

Mike Hart, RB, Michigan: Mike Hart Keeps On Keepin' On. The Michigan offense seemed a little sluggish in the beginning but they finally Mike Hart finally pulled it together rushing for 196 yards on 31 carries and 2 TD's. This kids a fireplug who refuses to be kept down and is really fun to watch.

Colt McCoy, QB, Texas: I know he's a freshman but this six-shooter is starting to come around. 25/39 for 220 yards and 2 TD's, he kept his cool in this smash-mouth affair. Now I was pulling for Nebraska for purely BCS reasons but McCoy has won me over after his disappointing game against tOSU. I just thought he gutted this one out, but he owes the defense a bunch of pizza's back at the dorm after getting the ball back that enabled the Horns to kick the winning field goal.