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USC #3 in Latest BCS Poll

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OK, so after one week SC has dropped a spot in the latest BCS Poll. Michigan has jumped us this week but if we win out it won't matter. With Ohio State and Michigan playing on Nov. 18th one of those two will fall. We clearly control our own destiny and we have to pick up our game and start winning convincingly.

We have had time to heal and we need all hands on deck. SC has shown that they are a second half team in past years. They need to show that ability again. From Gary Klein at the LA Times:

"This is as strong as we've been in a while," Coach Pete Carroll said Sunday.

USC will need every sound body it can muster for the second half.

For the first time since 2001, the Trojans play their last six games without an open date.

The Trojans parlayed second-half schedule breaks into four consecutive Bowl Championship Series bowl-game appearances. In 2003, the Trojans had two open dates in the second half and won their first national title in 25 years.

Of course we want to see that happen again. The talent is there but it needs to come together now and put together an impressive string of wins in the final six games. With upcoming games against Oregon St. and Stanford in the next two weeks this is the time to finally work out the bugs before we hit the final 4 four games on the schedule. Coach Carroll will find a way to make the necessary adjustments and put us into position to win games.

Getting them ready

About those games, with Oregon losing and Cal needing OT to beat Washington the last 4 games don't look as daunting as they did a couple of weeks ago. Cal and Oregon will play us tough but the have shown that they are beatable. That's not to say that we can't be beat but we should have a better chance at winning than the critics (read Lee Corso) are giving us.

UCLA, well, there has been some talk that they think that SC is overrated and that they can beat us but after last weekends debacle in South Bend I'm not so sure. They're in a catch-22, if they beat us that would probably save Dorrell's job. If they lose it's another loss that brings the streak to 8 in a row that will surely cost KD his job.

The Irish found a way to win against UCLA but you can go to the well only so often. This was supposed to be the easy part of ND's schedule and they were not supposed to struggle like this, at least not against UCLA.

Either way it's all on us to get to the promised land. If we win out we're in the Title Game. We need to keep the momentum going!