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So What Does it all Mean?

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As  Defender 90's diary on the right suggests the plot thickens. There were some great games all around yesterday but I will briefly focus on the most important games that went on in regards to USC and the Pac 10.

Washington @ Cal

Cal didn't look so invincible against Washington. The miraculous Hail Mary by UW's Carl Bonnell to Marlon Wood that sent the game into overtime put a scare into Cal that could have derailed their plans for a Pac 10 title and a BCS bowl game. Cal's Marshawn Lynch sealed the deal with a 22-yard run in OT. This is the 2nd week in row that Cal has not played up to the "Corso Hype" as I would call it. Don't get me wrong, they're still very good and SC will have their hands full when they play them on Nov. 18th but Cal looks to be just a bit more mortal than we have all heard of late.

Oregon @ WSU

A Duck hunt on the Palouse! The Cougars continue to impress with their win against Oregon. Alex Brink did journey-mans work with 179 yards passing and 2 TD's. Oregon QB Dennis Dixon was pulled after throwing his 2nd pick and was replaced by Brady Leaf. It was a sloppy first half with both teams coughing up 2 fumbles and both defenses dominating play. In Oregon's game against Oklahoma you could some small cracks in their game. Cal really exposed them 2 weeks ago. WSU also took advantage of Dixon's sloppy play. SC should not count this team out as they will be looking to upset the Trojans in order to ruin our chances for a another Pac 10 title.

UCLA @ Notre Dame

What can you say? It's not everyday that your two chief rivals play each other. The Bruins had this game won if not for some bad play calling by Svoboda and Dorrell. The Irish have the best 2:00 minute offense in the nation and regardless of how bad they have played in other games this is the one real strength in their game. While I was not impressed with their #3 ranking earlier in the year UCLA's defense looked solid for most of the game and is markedly improved from last year. This is a demoralizing loss to the folks in Westwood but make no mistake they will be ready for SC on December 2nd.

As for ND, well, they found another way to make a come back. They still have some holes in their game and as we have seen in other games they can be beat. Pete Carroll and his staff will be looking at film from this game frame by frame and they will put together a sound game plan that will counter the The Irish`s strengths and exploit their weaknesses. This one is going to be fun.