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BlogPoll for Week #5 Submitted and Explained

Here is the Conquest Chronicles week #5 BlogPoll Ballot.

For reference here is last weeks poll.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Michigan 1
4 Auburn 1
5 Florida --
6 West Virginia --
7 Texas --
8 Louisville --
9 Notre Dame 1
10 Louisiana State 1
11 Georgia 1
12 Cal 2
13 Oregon 2
14 Clemson 2
15 Iowa 6
16 Tennessee 1
17 Oklahoma 1
18 Nebraska 1
19 Boise State 3
20 Virginia Tech 7
21 Florida State --
22 Rutgers 1
23 Missouri 3
24 UCLA --
25 Wisconsin 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#20), Alabama (#25).

This weeks ballot explained.

1. Ohio State: This was a game that I thought would be a tough one for the Buckeyes. Sadly, I was wrong. They seem to get better and better. Troy Smith continues to make plays with precision and in a no nonsense style. I don't see anyone getting in their way on their trip to Glendale, except maybe Michigan.

2. USC: They had their eyes opened this weekend. John David Booty continues to impress with his poise and coolheaded play. Steve Smith came to the rescue with 11 catches for 186 yards and 2 TD's. More important though were his clutch catches to keep drives going. The Defense, while still impressive needs to focus a little bit more in the coming weeks so that they will ready for those final four games Jarrett needs to get back to line up soon. His presense will make opposing defenses alter their game plan.

3. Michigan: This seems to be the only team that could stop tOSU with their defense before the title game, but even that might be a stretch. QB Chad Henne had a near flawless game and Mario Manningham gets another TD as Big Blue brings back the Little Brown Jug

4. Auburn: The Ole Ball Coach did his best to take to the Tigers but the Auburn Defense always found a way to stop them. Kenny Irons had another impressive game.

5. Florida: It's the Chris and Tim show! This was revenge for last years game in Tuscaloosa.

6. West Virginia: Bye Week.

7. Texas: This might have been a bye week. Were it not for the sloppy play of the Texas defense in giving up three point to Sam Houston State. Sheesh.

8. Louisville: Bye Week.

9. Notre Dame: Brady Quinn had another great day as the Irish Cruise. They will have an easy go of it until they play USC.

10. LSU: Jamarcus Russell had a great day throwing for 327 yards and 3 TD's. He needs to have the same type of game against Florida next week if the expect to win .

11. Georgia: It was an unimpressive win, but a win none-the-less. The need to play at a much higher level if they want to win their game against Tennessee this weekend.

12. Cal: This was a gimme in beating the Beavers. This was just a tune up for their big game next week against Oregon.

13. Oregon: The only good thing about the Ducks win was that it came against the Sun Devils. They have a big test against Cal next week.

14. Clemson: In their rout of La. Tech Clemson had three rushers with 110 yards or better including freshman phenom CJ Spiller.

15. Iowa: The drop in the polls with their loss to #1 Ohio State.

16. Tennessee Eric Ainge has another great day with 4 TD's in Tennessee's rout of Memphis. LaMarcus Coker had a busy day with 126 yards rushing.

17. Oklahoma: Bye Week. Next up Texas.

18. Nebraska: They go to Overtime to beat KU who had *574 yards on 94 plays*. Bill Callahan likes to live on the edge I guess.

19. Boise State: The Broncos converted 5 turnovers and scored 33 straight points in a rout of Utah. They are making a statement for the BCS.

20. VA. Tech: That was an Ugly loss to the Yellowjackets. There were times that defense just looked like it was standing still..

21. Florida State: Bye week.

22. Rutgers:The Scarlet Knights had a big scare against South Florida. They are lucky to eek out a win.

23. Missouri: They crack my top 25 with an impressive win against Colorado.

24. UCLA: A strange first half for the Bruins against Stanford. They win but come on its Stanford. I'm also a little confused about [the Defense being ranked #3 in the nation]

25. Wisconsin: They also break into my top 25 with an impressive win against Indiana.