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Afternoon Quick Hits

The Displaced Trojan has a couple of great post up on our chief rivals while we have our bye week. This is a great USC blog that you should check out daily. Great write ups and thorough.

TrojanWire has spotted some billboard material coming out of the Peoples Republic of Berkley. I know SC has struggled of late but we are 6-0 so that has to count for something. BTW Kal how did that Tennessee game work out for you.

Student Body Right has the link to Mandel's piece asking what is "What is wrong with USC?" I know its from last week but it is still worth a read. Mandel sees what we're up againstWe all know it hasn't been pretty but a win is a win is a win....... SC has some work to do but this is still one best prepared teams in the NCAA and we will be ready for our games as they come up.

CNN/SI has their CFB power rankings up. USC is at #6.

USA Today has their "Around the Pac 10" overview up.