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Bradford Getting in the Groove

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Freshman Allen Bradford has a bit of a crazy first season. Recruited as a LB/RB out of Colton HS, Bradford has moved positions 4 times. This past weekend he played full back and scored SC's first TD in their win against ASU.  There was a bit of controversy earlier in the season about his moving to FB permanently but when the dust settled it was much ado about nothing.

Bradford is actually in a great spot. His multiple talents enable him to help the team in any number of ways. With the amount of injuries that SC has had already this season that versatility will ensure that he gets in the game and show his talents. There are a couple of great articles from yesterday on Bradford.

From The Press-Enterprise:

Allen Bradford becomes almost Exhibit A in what Pete Carroll wants to do this bye week for his unbeaten Trojans after a trio of close calls in conference games.

"What we're going to get done hopefully is stay with the theme of competition and opportunity and being creative with our personnel," Carroll said with a nod to Bradford, a Colton High product who is living proof of that creativity with his five position switches that included two stints each on offense and defense.

"Allen will continue to expand his role," Carroll said. "This is an important two weeks for him. He's a talented kid."

From The LA Times:

n only a few months, the freshman has switched positions no less than four times. He scored against Arizona State from the fullback spot, a move he had resisted until a week ago.

"Everything happens for a reason," he said, adding, "It's been kind of frustrating."

Turmoil is nothing new to freshmen joining a major college program, trying to find their place on the roster, trying not to get lost in the mix. They worry about getting a fair shot and are often asked to switch positions for the good of the team.

Coach Pete Carroll said that fitting the right players into the right spots involves more than just telling them where to go.

"They've got to have that 'want to,' " Carroll said. "If they're playing somewhere because they have to, they might find some creative ways to fail."

To me its all hands on deck. With so much on the line any healthy player will be pressed into service in order to help the team succeed. That has been the basis of Pete Carroll's masterful recruiting. You plug the hole that needed to filled and in SC's case we have the talent that will enable us hardly miss a beat. The Bradford situation is a perfect example. Talent is the key and we have stockpiled a lot of it.

Fitting in is what its all about and Allen Bradford is doing his part.