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Maualuga in Trouble Again

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The Daily News is reporting that sophomore LB Rey Maualuga was involved in an incident at a frat party over the weekend  and that campus security was called to intervene. There was no involvement with the LAPD and Coach Carroll has disciplined Maualuga but was not specific in those details.

Lets not have a repeat of last year...Please

USC coach Pete Carroll disciplined linebacker Rey Maualuga following unruly behavior at an off-campus party following the Trojans' game over Washington on Oct. 7.

Carroll confirmed he took action against Maualuga but declined to give specifics.
"We've dealt with it internally," he said.

According to witnesses, Maualuga became aggressive during a fraternity party. Campus security eventually arrived at the scene, but no reports were filed with them or the Los Angeles Police Department.

"He was pushing people around," said a USC student who attended the party. "He did it to a lot of people."

Sources said part of the punishment was for Maualuga to continue to attend alcoholic and drug counseling meetings along with anger management. He agreed to those programs last spring after being charged with one misdemeanor count of battery stemming from punching a student at a Halloween party near campus last year.

It's too bad really, I was hoping that Rey would have learned his lesson form the incident last season and put that all behind him and that he would try and shy away from being put into those situations. This is not the sort of thing that SC needs at this time of the season.  

There is much to do in order to get ready for the second half of the season and players getting into trouble will only take away from that preparation. Lets hope that this taken care of so the team can focus on their game preparations.