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Now that's what I'm talking about!

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As I have said numerous times chemistry is key to success. I know it sounds trite but ask any successful coach, manager or business leader and the will all tell you when a team comes together for the common good positive results come with it. There is great article in today's LA Times by Gary Klein about the sense of accomplishment the offensive line felt after their successful final drive in Saturdays win against ASU.

Offensive linemen were still reveling in the afterglow of the fourth-quarter drive that produced the game-winning touchdown against Arizona State. USC ran the ball 13 times during the 14-play drive, Chauncey Washington carrying it 10 times, including the final two yards for a touchdown.

"It still feels good," senior guard Drew Radovich said. "It felt like it was our time to really show what this offensive line is all about.

"We knew it was going to be put on us. We'd been wanting to pound the rock for two or three drives before that."

USC moved from its 26-yard line to the Sun Devils seven before it attempted the only official pass of the drive. John David Booty's throw to fullback Jody Adewale fell incomplete. Booty passed to Adewale on the next play but Arizona State was called for an offsides penalty.

That's what its all about. It just takes time to make it all come together. These guys know what's stake and they know what they need to do.

Their hard work enabled Chauncey Washington to grind out the yards needed on that long drive to get the winning TD. Washington in his own right is finally consistently showing  why his talent is so important to the success of this team. Yes, it's different to what we are used to but his style of play will go a long way to getting SC on track for the second half of the season. From Mark Saxon of the OC Register.

Washington ran like a careening truck, carrying Arizona State linebackers into the secondary as he chewed up yards and seconds off the clock. He acknowledged he wasn't delighted to only get the ball seven times in the first half, but USC coaches made up for it in that final drive.

Washington carried 22 times in all for 108 yards and the winning touchdown.
"I didn't say anything. They just saw me get in that groove and just kept feeding me," Washington said.

Hopefully things will continue to progress as we head into the 2nd half of the season. There are a lot critics out there who think SC is not as good as advertised. The fact is they don't look as good as we first saw in the Arkansas game. The past few seasons have shown that USC comes alive in the 2nd half of the season. There is no question that the talent is there, even though it's young there are some exciting things ahead if they can put it all together.

The bye week should will help us heal and evaluate where we have been which will help us address where we need to make adjustments. Coach Carroll knows what needs to be done and he will push his team to perform. There is a sense of urgency now because they have not played up to their ability. The team is starting to see some of its success lets hope that build on it and take it to the next level.