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It's All about the Here and Now

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As has been discussed here and in other places, there has been a lot of indigestion and elevated blood pressure in regards to USC's last 2 wins against the schools from Washington.

Yes, it hasn't been comfortable to watch; but the results are all that matters. Of course we would prefer blowout wins or even a larger margin of victory than we are currently seeing but right now we aren't so we'll have to suck it up and be happy with what we have. The CFB Index has some great stats on the comparisons of SC's progress over the past few years. We're just used to the explosive numbers instead of the grind it out wins that we are currently seeing. HT: The Displaced Trojan via TrojanWire.

It appears that they players aren't sweating the load, at least not publicly. Yes, the players are probably scrutinizing their play, the lack of sacks, the lack of turnovers and their committing of too may penalties. But they must know that they are doing something right because they are winning, if it's with trick plays and field goals than so be it.

From The Daily Breeze:

Does sackless mean sleepless?

Not at USC, where for two consecutive games, this fast, physical defense couldn't catch up to a quarterback.

You'd think the alarms would be sounding over this epidemic. And just think what it must be doing to defensive end Lawrence Jackson, who has slugged his way through five games during his junior season and has no sacks. This from a guy who had 10 last year.

Through five games, the Trojans have seven sacks (five coming in one game), meaning they're on pace for a paltry 18, assuming they play in a bowl game. That would be the lowest total for the Trojans since they started recording the statistic in 1983.

So Jackson should be one representative of that defense with bags under his eyes from the sleep deprivation.

"No, not at all,'' the former Inglewood High star said. "I could see it if guys are blocking me and the quarterback is going through all his progressions, then it would be something to be frustrated about.''

Neither is Pete Carroll. From

Southern California's narrow victories over unranked Pac-10 teams in their past two games were upsetting to a number of USC fans accustomed to blowout wins.

Coach Pete Carroll and his players don't seem concerned at all -- they're just happy to keep winning.

"You can't be any better than 5-0," Carroll said Tuesday at his weekly meeting with reporters. "I think it's a good job by the people we're playing. It gives them a chance to win. More power to them.

"I don't think we've seen the best we can see in a number of areas. That's exciting for us. There's these little issues that we're working on that we can try to improve."

The past can be a great guide to securing the future but the present is the only way to get there. SC needs to go through this process to work the bugs out and build the team chemistry that is so important to achieving the success that we are accustomed to. Talent will get you only so far and talent needs to come together as a group. The critics say that SC will have a tough time getting through the meat of the schedule, maybe, maybe not. I will take our guys any day of the week, it will come together and we will make tough on those who think that we are vulnerable. There are no gimmes and there is a lot of football yet to be played.

I have said it before and I will say it again, there is not another program out there that wouldn't trade places with us. That we are doing it with all of these underclassmen and with the injuries that we have suffered is testament to the job that Pete Carroll and his staff have done to put together a great program.

They don't seem to be worried, so neither should we.