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Maxwell Pundit for week #6

Here is this week's Conquest Chronicles Ballot for the Maxwell Pundit for Week #6.

Troy Smith, QB, Ohio State: This is getting to be habit forming. 3 TD's 191 yards and no INT including a 57-yard TD strike to Ted Ginn. With his 85% completion rate it's like Smith is walking in his sleep. Smith also had 7 carries for 54 yards showing that he will make the best of his opportunities. He is very comfortable out there and he makes his plays look effortless.

Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan: 8 TD's in 4 games is great work if you can find it. Super Mario had 3 catches for 75 yards and 2 TD's, one a 41 yard catch. Unfortunately, it appears that Manningham was injured in this game and arthroscopic knee surgery this week so he will be out for a few weeks.

Out for a Bit of a Break.

Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia: Coming off a bye week the SS Slaton ran for 186 yards and 1 TD. He has separated himself form the other D-1 RB's in the country, as he will continue to rack up yards and scores as the season goes on. You know he will be up for the big game against Louisville on Nov. 2nd.

Erik Ainge, QB, Tennessee: Ainge went 25 of 38 for 268 yards, 2 TD's and 0 INT. He plays as gritty as his Uncle Danny and the influence of David Cutcliffe clearly shows. The stingy Georgia defense never saw what hit them. The UT O line gave all the time he needed and he took advantage of it by getting a haircut and a shave in between throws to WR's Meachem and Smith.

With Time to Burn.
Photo: Online Athens

Nate Longshore, QB, Kal: Is this the same guy who absolutely lost against Tennessee. Longshore, 14 of 26 189 yards 3 TD's and 1 INT, has improved quickly and put that devastating UT loss behind them. With his dismantling of the Ducks this is the only team I see standing in the way of SC for the Pac 10 title.

Others I considered:

Chris Leak, QB, Florida
Patrick Turner, WR, USC
Garrett Wolfe, RB, No. IL
Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame