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Tim Floyd Launches off at USC and Andy Enfield

Sports Illustrated, CNNSI, LA Times, ESPN, and the Twitter feeds are lit up tonight with news of a verbal altercation between Andy Enfield (USC Head Coach), Tim Floyd (University of Texas El Paso...

Tim Floyd Meets with Pat Haden


Interesting article in the LAT this morning... Former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd said Monday night he has had a meeting with Athletic Director Pat Haden in which they discussed the Trojans ...

The former Ohio State Provost weighs in on Jim Tressel

Here is a refreshing take from someone from the NCAA... Oregon State president Ed Ray is in something of a unique position when it comes to the Jim Tressel brouhaha at Ohio State. As a former...


Mike Garrett and the Destruction of USC Basketball

Bumped - Arizona can thank Mike Garrett for their big win last night!...P It all started back with Mike Bibby, MB did a great job but MG was always undermining him and in his locker room way to...

So what about Tim Floyd's alleged $1000 Dollar Handshake?

Lost in all the talk of the modern day death penalty handed down in the NCAA's report, is that there is no mention of Tim Floyd's alleged $1000 pay off to Rodney Guillory. You know, the pay off...

Media Missing Big Picture with Floyd Hiring


By now, I'm sure that most you are aware of the fact that former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd, the only person to ever lead the Trojans to three straight NCAA Tournament appearances, has...

Tim Floyd looks to clear his name


Tim Floyd With all the drama, angst and anticipation with the start of today's hearing with the NCAA one interesting item came up yesterday... Former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd will...


Floyd on Mayo

For posterity's sake...       Interesting in how Garrett was "impressed"... Looking back on it now makes just shake my head.

USC Basketball sacrifices the present because of its misdeeds of the past...


The title of the post is pretty much what everyone else is saying in regards to USC's decision to self-impose sanctions on the basketball program. Just a few general thoughts on this... It is a...

After 18 Month Investigation, O.J. Mayo's Stay at USC Beginning to Show Nasty Side Effects


What are the ramifications of the latest sanctions placed on USC basketball? An in-depth look at the real impact O.J. Mayo made on the USC Trojans.

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